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HK RGC CRF, Co-PI, 2023/04 ~ 2026/03

Project title: Generative DfX in High-rise Modular Building: An Expert-Augmented Cascade Graph Learning and Optimization Approach

Amount: HK$5,310,000

CRF brief.png

HKU Seed Fund for Basic Research, PI

Project title: Multi-view learning to detect urban infrastructure defects from street view imagery

Amount: HK$146,900

fig. xxx. Research plan.jpg

HKU TDG, PI, 2023/02 ~ 2024/01

Project title: MetaClass: Metaverse and robotics-enabled curriculum and pedagogical innovations to promote construction engineering and management knowledge teaching and learning

Amount: HK$230,040

TDG brief.png

HKU Seed Fund for Collaborative Research, Co-I

Project title: Next generation e-inspection system for modular integrated construction (MiC): A blockchain-enhanced transfer learning approach

Amount: HK$498,880

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